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How to Wire WiFi Thermostat

How to Wire WiFi Thermostat

Many users have asked eBee Technology how to wire the WiFi thermostat. As a thermostat manufacturer, we made a wiring guide. For the installation method of the entire WiFi thermostat, we have made a guide. Here we serve as a supplement. According to different HVAC systems, the following wiring methods are available. Then, show you our […]

How to Install WiFi Thermostat

How to Install WiFi Thermostat

eBee Technology has always recommended that electricians or HVAC engineers install WiFi thermostats because this can ensure the stable operation of the HVAC system and avoid safety accidents. However, there are always DIY users who want to install the WiFi thermostat by themselves. How to install the WiFi thermostat? We provide a guide here. What […]

Are WiFi Thermostats Reliable

Are WiFi Thermostats Reliable

There is no perfect program/software/firmware in the world, and all programs/software/firmware must have defects, but there are two ways to make up for them. One is to deeply hide the loopholes, the other is to remove common dangers and quickly defend when attacked. Therefore, the same is true for smart home devices. Are WiFi thermostats […]

the Best Tuya WiFi Thermostat of 2021

the Best Tuya WiFi Thermostat of 2021

In 2021, the smart home industry chain has been optimized. Cloud platform and module suppliers improved the stability of their servers and underlying hardware communication, electronic component suppliers overcame supply problems, and finished equipment manufacturers improved the design and performance of smart devices. In 2021, new smart products will be released soon. Then, how will the WiFi […]

Fan Coil Units System

What Are The Types Of Fan Coil Unit Systems

Before configuring the WiFi thermostat for the central air conditioner, the user needs to confirm the type of the fan coil unit used, and then select the corresponding WiFi thermostat. Generally, there are three types of fan coil units: two-pipe, three-pipe, and four-pipe. Here, eBee Technology makes an introduction. Two-pipe Fan Coil Unit In the […]

Smart WiFi Underfloor Heating Thermostat

What is WiFi Thermostat

The WiFi thermostat is a product developed with the Internet of Things. Before 2009, people didn’t even know what a WiFi thermostat was. In 2003, the American Technology Review magazine proposed that sensor network technology will be the top 1 technology that will change people’s lives in the future. After that, there is a boom […]

Smart WiFi Thermostat

Are WiFi Thermostats Worth It

With the iteration of technology, consumption upgrades, and the impact of COVID-19, the home office approach is being promoted, people spend longer at home, the demand for home appliances will increase significantly. Therefore, people will begin to pay attention to the upgrade of home appliances. The adjustment of home HVAC is obviously one of the […]

WiFi Thermostat Review Video for Ukrainian Users

WiFi Thermostat Review Video for Ukrainian Users

Titbits of Video Recording In mid-August 2020, a customer in Ukraine planned to buy a thermostat from us. This is a versatile user. He is a programmer and is familiar with all kinds of electronic products. In addition, he is also a YouTube channel owner and is good at making all kinds of videos. Professional […]

the WiFi Thermostat Guide of eBee in 2020 Background

The WiFi Thermostat Guide of eBee in 2020

Half of 2020 has passed, and the temperature in most areas will gradually turn cold in the second half of the year. Here, we provide eBee Technology’s WiFi thermostat guide to facilitate users to take better temperature adjustment measures. the Contents of the WiFi Thermotat Guide Smart WiFi Thermostat Overview eBee Technology’s WiFi thermostat has […]

Top10 the Most Popular Smart Home Items

Top 10 – 2019 the Most Popular Smart Home Devices

With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, smart home products gradually penetrate into all aspects of our lives, and bring us a comfortable and convenient living environment. However, because of the wide variety of products, people do not know which smart products are practical, so it brings people a lot […]

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