With the development of technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, smart home products gradually penetrate into all aspects of our lives, and bring us comfortable and convenient living environment. However, because of the wide variety of products, people do not know which smart products are practical, so it brings people a lot of troubles. Today, let’s take a look at the 10 most popular smart home items in 2019.

Top 1 – Smart speaker

With the development of AI technology, smart speaker products with speech recognition come into the scene of family life and become the control center of smart home. As the entry-level product of smart home, smart speaker has the characteristics of low price and strong practicability. Nowadays, smart speaker has become the general existence of small household appliances, infiltrating people’s daily life space.

Smart speakers can recognize people’s voice and send out instructions, such as on-demand songs, asking about the weather, shopping online, etc. In addition, the smart speaker is not only a speaker, but also a central control hub that can interact with other smart home devices. In the future, smart home products can be controlled by the smart speaker, opening curtains, light bulbs, air conditioners, etc., only voice commands are needed.

Top 2 – Sweeping robot

The acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of work pressure make the contemporary young people overburdened. When they return home, they are faced with household chores such as sweeping and mopping the floor, which not only wastes time, but also consumes physical strength. A sweeping robot can free people from the heavy and trivial chores and set aside more time to relax or do other things.

The acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of work pressure make the contemporary young people overburdened. When they return home, they are faced with household chores such as sweeping and mopping the floor, which not only wastes time, but also consumes physical strength. A sweeping robot can free people from the heavy and trivial chores and set aside more time to relax or do other things.

Top 3 – Smart door lock

Smart door lock was once considered as the entrance of smart home, and it is also a relatively popular smart single product sold in recent years. Compared with other smart products, it can definitely be called “practical”.

Smart door lock is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Its biggest characteristic is safety and convenience. There are many ways to unlock, including key, password, inductive swipe card, fingerprint unlock, Bluetooth, NFC, face recognition and other multiple ways to unlock, so as to avoid the trouble of forgetting the key.

Top 4 – Smart screen

From “Internet TV” to “smart TV” and then to “smart screen”, smart TV has come to a new crossroads. Smart home, AI and multi screen interaction have become high-frequency keywords of competition in this period. As an upgrade of “smart TV”, the smart screen supports AI fitness, AI video call, AI kids and other functions, so that your fitness plan, parents’ video chat, and children’s healthy growth can be arranged one by one.

Smart screen will not only be a screen, but also the IoT entrance of intelligent life. It will not only be the home video entertainment center, but also the information sharing center, control management center and multi device interaction center. As a saying goes, smart screen is not traditional TV, but “the future of TV”.

Top 5 – Smart socket

Smart socket is also one of the popular smart home appliances, because only one socket is needed to make the traditional home appliances more intelligent. Through the smart socket, the user can use the mobile phone to remotely check the power switch at home, and can remotely control the home appliances.

When it’s time to go to bed at night, but the mobile phone still needs to be charged, the TV is put on all night, and the water heater switch is left in a hurry. All these problems can be solved through the smart socket. After the smart socket is installed, users can clearly know the power consumption of each electrical appliance in their home, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, avoids abnormal power consumption, but also avoids potential safety hazards caused by charging time-out.

Top 6 – Smart router

With the upgrading of the home network, the traditional router has been unable to meet people’s demand for higher bandwidth. At the same time, in the era of Internet of all things, the requirements of routers are higher and higher, and the traditional routers are being eliminated. The trend of router replacement gives the smart router a chance to take advantage of the situation.

The smart router usually has an independent operating system, which can be installed by users themselves to control the bandwidth, number of people online and online time, so as to realize the intelligent management of network and equipment. The smart router can also bring great convenience. Users can download movies and TV plays on the way to work and watch them at home.

Top 7 – Smart camera

With people’s attention to home safety, smart cameras are becoming more and more popular. According to relevant statistics, in 2019, global consumers purchased 56 million smart home cameras, spending nearly 8 billion US dollars. Some organizations predict that, with the decrease of price and the increase of function, the sales volume of smart home cameras will surge to 111 million by 2023.

After installing the smart camera, the user can check the situation at home at any time. The smart camera directly uses Wi Fi networking, and with the mobile app, it can remotely observe the real-time dynamics at home. Some cameras can recognize the crying of the child. If the child’s state is abnormal, the system will remind the family in time. Some can also capture the dynamic of the doors and windows at home. If there is an illegal invasion, the pictures will be automatically captured and sent to the police.

Top 8 – Smart doorbell

Smart doorbell is to add some intelligent functions to the traditional doorbell, such as WiFi or Bluetooth connection, webcam and microphone. Compared with the traditional doorbell, the biggest feature of the intelligent doorbell is to realize two-way communication, which can instantly view the visitors at the door, interact with each other or even interact remotely. The smart doorbell can reply to visitors through voice / video calls, allow visitors to wait while they are at home, and reply in time when they are not at home.

When someone comes to visit but the host is not there, it will automatically take photos and save them. When the host comes back, he can query freely without missing any important meeting. In addition, when someone rings the doorbell or stays at the door for a long time, the alarm will be triggered, and the alarm pictures and videos will be pushed to the client of the handset.

Top 9 – Smart gateway

The era of Internet of everything has opened, and the scale of smart home market has expanded rapidly. In this context, the smart gateway gradually replaces the traditional gateway and becomes an important entrance for the layout of smart home. In the application scenario of smart home, every smart device is a terminal node, which constitutes a neuron of smart home, while the smart gateway plays the role of “central brain”, through which the system information collection, information input, information output, centralized control, remote control, linkage control and other functions can be realized.

Smart gateway is the heart of smart home. It has two functions: smart home control hub and wireless routing. On the one hand, it can control home appliances, collect electricity information, and interact with intelligent interactive terminals through wireless means. On the other hand, it also has wireless routing function, and has excellent wireless performance, network security and coverage area.

Top 10 – Smart panel

The original switch is the pull switch, but the early pull switch rope is easy to break, so it is gradually eliminated. Later evolved a durable thumb switch, but because the key is too small, press up is not smooth enough, then fade out of the “stage” of the switch. After improvement, the large rocker switch appears, which is an improvement of the operation experience, because its operation is more convenient and widely used. However, with the rise of smart home, the large rocker seems to be unable to meet the requirements of people on the “smart switch”, at this time, smart panel came into being.

At present, the popular intelligent switch on the market not only has the advantages of large warping control area, but also has the features of safe use, smooth touch, sensitive response, etc., and integrates a variety of functions: touch sensing, night light function, etc. the touch control is light and fast, and can also be linked with app to achieve mobile control. The multi control function of the intelligent panel can control multiple lamps at the same time. The functions of one key full open, full close and automatic power-off can meet various needs.

In recent years, with the rise of artificial intelligence, Internet of things and other technologies, a series of smart home products have sprung up, some of which have been widely welcomed and become popular. Although the current smart home only stays at the level of single products, it is these single products that lay the foundation of smart home. Ebee Tech believe that in the near future, these intelligent single products can realize interconnection and real realization of the whole house intelligence.