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the Best Tuya WiFi Thermostat of 2021

the Best Tuya WiFi Thermostat of 2021

In 2021, the smart home industry chain has been optimized. Cloud platform and module suppliers improved the stability of their servers and underlying hardware communication, electronic component suppliers overcame supply problems, and finished equipment manufacturers improved the design and performance of smart devices. In 2021, new smart products will be released soon.

Then, how will the WiFi thermostat developed on the Tuya Smart platform perform in 2021?

Tuya WiFi Thermostat Manufacturer Overview

Tuya Smart was established in June 2014. It is an IoT platform and developed the first WiFi module in April 2015. Many household electronic products in China are gradually connected to Tuya Smart, completing the smart product upgrade. eBee Technology developed the WiFi thermostat based on the Tuya Smart platform in 2018, one of the earliest thermostat manufacturers to access the Tuya platform, we meet the needs of Tuya WiFi thermostats for boiler systems, underfloor heating systems, central air conditioning systems, and heat pump heating/cooling.

Tuya Smart is a Chinese company. Although it has gradually expanded its overseas branches, the smart hardware manufacturers that it cooperates with are mainly in China. Smart WiFi thermostat manufacturers are mainly distributed in the three cities of Shenzhen, Xiamen and Dongguan and the two provinces of Anhui and Shandong. Among them, Shenzhen has benefited from the fast development of the electronics industry, Xiamen is the biggest industrial base of thermostats in China, Anhui and Shandong are the main production bases of electric heating cables and electric heating films, and thermostats as accessories have also developed accordingly. The best manufacturers of Tuya WiFi thermostats come from Xiamen and Shenzhen. eBee Technology is located in Xiamen.

Different WiFi thermostat manufacturers have different R&D definitions and market positioning for the thermostat, and different consumers have different needs for Tuya WiFi thermostats. So what kind of thermostat is the best Tuya WiFi thermostat in 2021?

the Best Tuya WiFi Thermostat of 2021

eBee Technology conducted a survey of 863 WiFi thermostat consumers. We concluded the following points, the best Tuya WiFi thermostat of 2021 should have the following characteristics.

the Tuya WiFi Thermostat Needs to Be Energy-efficient Enough

This is the original intention of the thermostat was created. According to statistics, more than 50% of household energy expenditure in Europe and the United States is spent on heating. High-efficiency and energy-saving thermostats are very important. After being hit by the epidemic Covid-19, the sluggish economic development has made this more urgent.

the Tuya WiFi Thermostat Should Be Cheap Enough

After the epidemic, people hope to minimize household expenses, but as electronic consumer products, many people still pay for the hardware redundancy of smart thermostats. The Tuya WiFi thermostat solves this problem very well. With the help of the Tuya Smart platform, it greatly saves the cost of the self-built cloud server. While ensuring smartphone remote control, Google Home or Alexa voice control, and other advanced functions, the final price is reduced to less than $50!

the Tuya WiFi Thermostat Needs to Have a Good Enough Appearance Design

As a part of home decoration, beautiful appearance design is essential!

the Tuya WiFi Thermostat Needs Good Quality and Long Service Life

The consumers surveyed believe that the thermostat needs to have a long service life, good electromagnetic compatibility and safety testing. Because the replacement of the thermostat not only requires money but also the time cost of installation and learning.

Based on the above requirements, eBee Technology’s EB-001 series Tuya WiFi thermostat basically meets the requirements.

Features of EB-001 Series Tuya WiFi Thermostat

Let us introduce the features of this thermostat now! You can also get the brochure directly>>>

the Parameters of the Tuya WiFi Thermostat EB-001 Series

Series EB-001
Color White/Silver
Screen LCD
Input 220 VAC ± 10%50/60 HZ
Sensor NTC 10K B:3950
Temp Range 5~35℃
Accuracy ±1℃
Size 86*86*13 mm
Applicable System Water Heating
Boiler(Dry contact/Volt free)
Electric Heating
Central Air Conditioning
Air Source/Heat Pump
Power Consumption ≤1.7 KWh/month
APP Smart Life of Android / iOS

the Tuya WiFi Thermostat That Won the Red Dot and IF Design Award

eBee Technology pursues the ultimate design to adapt to the latest trends in home decoration. The EB-001 series won the German Red Dot and IF Design Award. The piano key design adopts the golden section and paint process, which can perfectly match the mainstream switch panel.

Red dot design and IF design Tuya WiFi Thermostat

The selection of high-quality raw materials brings better material performance and service life, achieving the unity of appearance and quality.

the terminal material for wiring

Brief Introduction of Tuya WiFi Thermostat Function

Support Smart Life APP control, perfect access to Tuya Smart’s IoT system. Realize the smartphone remote control, voice control through Google Home and Alexa speakers. When using it for the first time, the network operation is very simple, four working modes (HOME, AWAY, MANUAL, AUTO), and the 5+2 programming function, can be set freely on the APP.

Smart WiFi Underfloor Heating Thermostat

Importantly, it is suitable for all HVAC systems in Europe and Asia, underfloor water/valve heating, electric cable heating(16A), electric film heating(16A), central air conditioning(heating/cooling), heating pumps, etc.

Multiple Safety Certifications, Let You Use Worry-free

At present, we have obtained CE, RoHS, FCC, TÜV, ETL, UL and other safety certifications.

Of course, eBee Technology’s Tuya WiFi thermostat needs to be continuously upgraded to get closer to the goal of the best Tuya WiFi thermostat. We will keep working hard.

Which do you think is the best Tuya WiFi thermostat? To be continued!

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