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About us

We are a brand dedicated to portable mini creative home devices for HVAC, garden, kitchen, health care, home improvement & more.

How we began

Our journey began in 2019

Before the establishment of eBee Technology, our team had been committed to providing solutions for home devices for more than ten years, including product R&D, production, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and after-sales service. We received good feedback from a large number of customers both in China and overseas.

In 2019, when we realized we needed to do something big, we established eBee Technology.

Journey Start Up
Products and Services
Why eBee Technology

Products & Services

Our products seek to be portable, mini-designed, creative and eco-friendly. Not only high quality but also unique.

We believe that a good service attitude determines the quality of service, and our core values are customers first, respect market, honesty, dedication, good mentality, equality & respect, teamwork, technology-enabled, keep learning, keep innovating.

Just like a little bee.

Keep moving

Never forget why we started

Since 2019, we have experienced many challenges such as the COVID-19 epidemic, foreign business travel restrictions, raw material price increases, and logistics stagnation. We have also made many achievements, developed more products, expanded product categories, joined more colleagues, and received more encouragement from customers around the world.

We are always on the way to providing customers with high-quality products and services.

Team Work

Our incredible team are here for you

Leo Wong

Leo Wong

General Manager
Leo has accumulated over 10 years of professional experience in the field of home appliances, with management and leadership experience in listed companies. With a technical background, he also has a deep understanding of market direction and is skilled in strategic marketing, planning, market development, and customer relationship management.
Reed Guo

Reed Guo

Technical Manager
“Human being is a reed that can think”. Reed has put his wisdom into the development of home devices, so that he has many years of experience in the underlying architecture and industrial process, managed the structural design and embedded system technical team, focused on technology, and provided users with better products and technical support.
Lana Lee

Lana Lee

Financial Manager
In her more than 10 years of accounting career, Lana has mastered a sound financial management system and internal control system. She is good at establishing and improving financial information management systems and financial analysis systems, preparing various financial analysis reports, and providing valuable advice for company development.
Bob Chen

Bob Chen

Manufacturing Manager
Bob is a born production manager who excels in transforming the product design of the technical team into actual product production processes. He is familiar with Lean Production and has strict control over raw material supply and product quality management systems. His rigorous attitude has been recognized and loved by everyone, “responsible for every delivery”.
I really like eBee Technology's products. They adhere to a simple and elegant design, are easy to carry, and have very practical functions and high quality. Plus, their support is just awesome! We have been cooperating for a long time!
Miika Kostamo
Miika Kostamo
Helsinki, Finland
Excellent shopping experience! I bought some products from eBee Technology as gifts for my friend, who is currently using these products every day. These products are very beautiful, look exciting and unique. Delivery is fast. I recommend it!
Sharare Zhian
Sharare Zhian
Berlin, Germany

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