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Google Home

What is Google Home and Google Assistant

Google Home is a smart home device that can control other home devices by voice. On May 19, 2016, at the annual I / O developer conference, Google released Google Home, a voice-activated device with built-in speakers. On October 5, 2016, Google Home, which can be “voice controlled” by Google Assistant, was launched.

the Appearance of Google Home

In terms of appearance, Google Home is similar to our common smart home box. The tiltable and touchable surface on the top hides four colors of LED lights. At the bottom of the lower speaker grille is a roller connected by magnets. We can choose different colors to match the decoration style of our home.

There is a mute button on the back of Google Home, which can be used to pause or play music. At the same time, we can also place a finger on it to adjust the volume by a small rotation, and the white LED light can be used to display the current volume level. When there is a voice problem that needs to be dealt with, the colored LED light at the top starts to work.

the Features of Google Home

Google Home lets you listen to music, and handle many tasks, just talk to Google Home. Google says it can have a two-way conversation with Google Home.

Functionally, through voice control, Google Home can control your speakers by voice, can be connected to your lights, thermostats, etc., and can become a home control center.

Google Home has a built-in 3-inch speaker, which is basically enough to fill an entire room, albeit without too much bass. By connecting to the Google Assistant voice assistant through the speaker, we can get most help, such as timers, playing music, or answering simple questions. In addition, Google also equipped the Google Home with a customized AC power supply instead of a USB power supply, so there is no need to worry about power.

Google Home has only two microphones. Google Home uses a more sophisticated cloud algorithm that allows two microphones to achieve the same effect as seven microphones.

Google hopes to use Google Home to build an ecosystem that will play music from YouTube by default, read calendars, web news and weather forecasts, and work with Chromecast.

Google showed off the powerful voice recognition capabilities of Google Home, through which you can search and play music directly. Google Home also has the function of My Day, which can schedule your day for you.

How Google Home Works

Google Home is a box that exists in various places in the smart home. The box has a built-in processing system and Google Assistant. Google Home can use the increasingly powerful Google Assistant to identify the user’s voice control, which can be transformed into a smart home comprehensive intelligent voice control information source.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is an assistant developed by Google and released in Google I / O in May 2016. Unlike Google Now, Google Assistant can participate in two-way conversations. Smart assistants are currently integrated in the Allo app, Google Home devices, Android 6.0 or above, Pixelbook, Wear OS, Android TV, iOS and Android Auto.

What is Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant equipped with artificial intelligence. Google believes that it mainly provides mobile and smart home devices. Google Assistant can have two-way conversations.

The Google Assistant first debuted in May 2016 as part of the Google messaging app Allo and its voice-activated speaker, Google Home. After a period of exclusive sales of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, it began to be deployed on other Android devices, including third-party smartphones and Android Wear, in February 2017 and became a standalone application on the iOS operating system in the May release. With the release of the software development kit in April 2017, assistants have been and are being further expanded to support a variety of devices, including automobiles and smart home appliances. Third-party developers can also enhance the functionality of the Assistant.

Users interact with Google Assistant primarily through natural speech but also support keyboard input. In the same nature and way as Google Now, the Assistant can search the Internet, schedule events and alerts, adjust hardware settings on the user’s device, and display information about the user’s Google account. Google also announced that the smart assistant will be able to identify objects and collect visual information through the device’s camera, support purchases and remittances, and identify songs.

Compared to the nature and manner of Google Now, Google Assistant can extract information, check the weather, and more. But Assistant can also use Google’s natural language processing algorithms to participate in two-way conversations.

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