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Tuya Smart

What is Tuya Smart

“Powered by Tuya” is an unique trademark of Tuya Smart. The product with this logo indicates that it can be easily controlled with the same APP with products from other different brands and categories.

Powered by Tuya

Tuya Smart is a global intelligent platform, “AI + IoT” developer platform, and the world’s top voice AI interaction platform, connecting the intelligent needs of consumers, manufacturing brands, OEM manufacturers and retail chains, providing customers with a one-stop shop The artificial intelligence Internet of Things solution covers three aspects of hardware access, cloud services, and APP software development, forming a closed loop of artificial intelligence + manufacturing services, providing to-B side technology and business model upgrade services for consumer IoT smart devices to meet consumers’ demands for more hardware products.

As of the end of October 2019, Tuya Smart has served more than 180,000 platform customers worldwide, of which more than 50% are in Europe, America and Africa. The Japanese voice AI interaction has exceeded 40 million times. It has created a completely neutral “AI + IoT” product empowerment. mode. “Powered by Tuya” empowers more than 90,000 products, the number of empowered products reaches 500, the world’s first, products and services covering more than 220 countries and regions.

eBee Technology’s smart devices are also developed based on the Tuya IoT platform and are well-compatible with the smart ecosystem.

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