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What is IFTTT

IFTTT is a novel network service platform. It decides whether to execute the next command based on the conditions of other different platforms, that is, to respond to network services through other network services.

Overview about IFTTT

IFTTT is the abbreviation of “If This Then That”. In fact, it allows your network behavior to trigger a chain reaction and make it more convenient for you. Its purpose is “Put the internet to work for you”. IFTTT aims to help people use the open APIs of various websites to connect various websites or applications such as Facebook and Twitter to complete tasks, so that “everyone can become a programmer without programming in the entire Internet.” IFTTT connects various kinds of information through processes, and then presents the information you want in a centralized way. Solve the problem of redundant information, receiving or paying attention to important information.

To put it simply, IFTTT is a service (that is, what we call “smart steward”). For this service, we only need to set rules to tell it “If A completes task 1, then let B complete task 2” and it will check these rules faithfully and help us perform the corresponding tasks.

the Principle of IFTTT

IFTTT is based on the conditional triggering of tasks, similar to a programming language, that is: “If XXX performs YYY behavior, execute ZZZ.” Each website that can be triggered or used as a task is called a “Channel”, the triggering condition is called “Triggers”, and the subsequent tasks are called “Actions”, the above set of processes is called “Task”.

With IFTTT, we can set This (condition) and That (action) separately through the logic of “If This Then That”. IFTTT will automatically check whether the condition is fulfilled like a faithful housekeeper. Once the condition is triggered, it Automatically executes actions corresponding to the conditions. With this smart housekeeper, we can really enjoy a smart life.

If This Then That


IFTTT tools cover social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Weibo, etc. The highlight is cross-posting and Slack integration. Users can customize the social media platform through this tool.

In the IFTTT Applet command operation, users can combine tools and various services of social media platforms. In addition, users can choose to add some applets to the data report to choose the platform to be tracked.

Compared with other social media tracking tools, the operation of IFTTT is simpler and more flexible.

The Advantages of IFTTT

Relying on in-depth insight into user needs, IFTTT moves all API calls and service integration to the background and is handled by IFTTT engineers and programs.For front-end users, only ready-made services are available, and users like “Programming” sets the conditions of “if… then…” the same way, allowing users to “program” the entire Internet in a minimalist way, and the result of the operation is an automated, arbitrary service.

In fact, the concept of IFTTT is to present the simplest out-of-the-box services to users, and move everything else that the users don’t care about to the cloud or backstage.

Application Cases of IFTTT

1. Example of SMS Application

(1) Weather-SMS: if the next day notice is sunny, then send me a message to remind me to get up and run the next day.

(2) If today is the first 3 days of your girlfriend’s menstruation or during the menstrual period (in Google Calendar), then send a message reminder: be careful of her grumpy.

2. Greader Application Examples

(1) Send Greader’s share entries to Twitter.

(2) Send Greader’s shared entries to Facebook.

(3) Send Greader’s shared entries to Read it Later.

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