Portable Mini USB Connection Shoes Heating Dryer


Electric shoes dryer with UV ozone deodorization sanitizer and three timed periods.

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eBee Portable Mini USB Connection Shoes Heating Dryer
Portable Mini USB Connection Shoes Heating Dryer $15.00

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Shoe Dryer Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Product Weight: 230g
  • Main Material: ABS
  • Voltage: 5V
  • Power: 15W
  • Power Rate: 50Hz
  • Power Supply Way: USB Charge
  • Heating Cycle/Timer: 3/6/9 Hours
  • Protection Function: Uniform Constant Temperature, Without Damaging Shoes
  • Heating Principle: PTC Ceramic Heating Element
  • Sterilization Function: Ultraviolet Sterilization
  • Application: Home/Dormitory/Office/Hotel/Outdoor Travel
eBee Shoe Dryer

Constant Temperature Shoe Dryer

Three timed periods of constant temperature drying.

Removing bacteria & odor/dehumidification without damaging shoes/porous heat dissipation

eBee Constant Shoe Dryer with Three Timed Period
eBee Shoe Dryer Fast Drying without Damaging Soft Shoes

Quick Drying to Protect Foot Health

Constant temperature, fast drying without damaging soft shoes.

Efficiently Drying Shoes with Innovative Surrounding Porosity

While drying, it can also dehumidify and deodorize.

eBee Shoe Heating Dryer Dehumidify and Deodorize
eBee Shoe Heater with Surround Drying

360° Surround Drying

Every part of the shoes can be dried.

No Damage No Deformation

Constant temperature fast drying, without damaging shoes.

eBee Heater No Shoes Deformation
eBee Constant Shoe Dryer with Three Timed Period by One Control Button

Three Timed Periods

One control button, set a timing based on different materials and thicknesses to ensure reliable drying.

Suitable for Various Sizes of Shoes

The extended wire makes it suitable for various sizes of shoes.

Enable the shoe dryer to be placed more deeply and snugly.

eBee Drying Heater is Suitable for Various Size of Shoes
eBee Shoe Drying Heater with Ozon Sterilization to Remove Odors

Ozone Sterilization to Remove Odors

Destroying the living environment of bacteria through ozone, removing odors and inhibiting microbial growth.

Universal USB Interface

It can also be used when connected to a mobile power socket.

Whether it is the charger or the mobile/portable power supply can be used normally.

eBee Shoes Dryer With Universal USB Interface Charge

Additional information

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Dimensions 19 × 14 × 6 cm


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