USB Water Cooled Micro Air Conditioning


Micro air conditioning with water cooling fan and digital display screen, using USB charging, portable, suitable for office and home use.

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eBee USB Water Cooled Micro Air Conditioning
USB Water Cooled Micro Air Conditioning $40.50

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Micro Air Conditioning Specifications

  • Material: Anti-flammable PC +ABS
  • Product Size: 196*178*182mm
  • Net Weight(without water): 1250g
  • Power Input: DC 5V 2A
  • Max Power Consumption: 10W
  • Power Cord: USB Type-C 1.2m
  • Adapter Input Power(if contains): AC 100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Adapter Output Power(if contains): DC 5V/2A
  • Recommended Cooling Space: 4㎡/8m³(43ft²/283ft³)
  • Water Tank Capacity: 1000ml
  • Water Consumption: 6-10 Hours
  • Cooling Duration: 7-13 hours
  • Temperature Decrease: 4-13℃(39-56℉)
eBee Nano Spray Water Cooled Micro Air Conditioning

Drip In Essential Oil

Drip in your favorite aromatherapy essential oil to relax your body and mind, reduce stress, and have a good sleep.

Drip Essential Oil Into eBee Micro Mini Air Conditioning
eBee Three In One Air Conditioning Fan

Three In One Air Conditioning Fan

HVAC industry · new species: cooling, humidifying, purifying.

Humanized Speed Control At Will

1-99 level speed progress can be selected.

eBee Mini Portable Micro Air Conditioning With Humanized Speed Control At Will

Multiple Modes Can Be Switched

There are three modes: natural wind, sleep wind, and timed wind, which can be switched freely. Turn on sleep mode at night, automatically reduce wind speed, operate with low noise below 30 gears, and enjoy comfortable summer sleeping quietly.

eBee Micro Air Conditioning With Natural Wind

Natural Wind

Sleep Wind

eBee Micro Air Conditioning With Sleep Wind

Personal Micro Air Conditioner

A real personal micro air conditioner for office workers and students.

eBee Micro Air Conditioning for Office Room

Office Room

A working partner

Learning Environment

A learning partner

eBee Micro Air Conditioning for Learning Environment

Multiple Power Supply Ways

Super convenient, three ways meet all.

  • Mobile phone charger
  • USB Type-C power interface
  • Power bank
eBee Micro Air Conditioning With Multiple Power Supply Ways

Creative Knob

Wind blades that can swing up and down, with adjustable angles.

eBee Micro Portable Air Conditioning Fan With Creative Knob

Detachable Water Tank With Large Capacity

1000ml extra large water inlet. At maximum wind speed, the water consumption duration is at least 6 hours, and it can continuously cool for at least 7 hours.

eBee Mini Air Conditionning Fan With 1000ml Water Tank

2 different ways to add water, more convenient.

eBee Portable Air Conditioning Fan With 2 Different Ways to Add Water

Powerful Water Cooling, Fashionable & Refreshing

Fast cooling, blowing cool air, and adding ice cubes, can minimize the temperature
in a short period of time.

eBee Air Conditioning With Powerful Water Cooling

New Cooling Way, Cooler

Putting the water tank into the refrigerator for better cooling, with a large water outlet and opening the lid to directly pour ice cubes, doubling and upgrading the cooling effect.

Putting the Water Tank of eBee Air Conditioning Fan Into the Refrigerator

Reducing Electricity Bills

  • Environmental Protection
  • Energy Conservation
  • Low Power Consumption

If the power consumption is 6W and is used for 6 hours per day, one kilowatt hour of electricity can be used for 28 days.

Low Power Consumption
Comparison Chart of Power Consumption Between eBee Micro Air Conditioning and Normal Air Conditionings

Note: the above data is sourced from our test results.

Visualization Window

Touch screen to adjust wind speed, switch among natural wind, sleep wind, and timing function.

Visualization Window With Touch Control Buttons
Thickened Wet Curtain

Thickened Wet Curtain

Unique honeycomb wet curtain, long-lasting soaking without odor, long service life, and obvious cooling effect.

Note: to experience the best cooling effect, it is recommended to replace the wet curtain with a new one within 4-6 months.

Multiple Application Scenarios

Comfort Office

eBee Micro Air Conditioning for Office
eBee Micro Air Conditioning Fan for Sports Portability And Mini Household

Sports Portability & Mini Household

Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 43.5 × 39.5 × 49.2 cm


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