Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer


Compact and innovative ozone deodorizing sterilizer that improves air quality, and eliminates odors, can be used in refrigerator, wardrobe, car, etc.

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eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer for Removing Odor and Formaldehyde
Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer $11.50

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Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer Specifications

  • Weight: 228g
  • Dimension: 115*115*43mm
  • Rated Voltage: DC 5V
  • Rated Power: 3W
  • Main Function: Removing Formaldehyde
  • Working Principle: Ozonation
  • Sound Volume: Below 36dB
  • Air Volume: 50 m³/hour
  • Power Charging Way: USB
  • Control Way: Touch-tone
  • Applicable Area: Below 10 ㎡
  • Color: White
  • Applicable Scenarios: Kitchen, Wardrobe, Car, Refrigerator, Shoe Cabinet
Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer for Home

Remove Odor & Formaldehyde

Guarding health every day.

  • Enjoy fresh flavors
  • Compact & portable
eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer for Removing Odor and Formaldehyde

Have You Ever Had Such An Experience?

It is often necessary to put activated carbon or pomelo peel in the refrigerator to remove the odor, but it still has a strong and unpleasant odor.

Using Pomelo Peel Activated Carbon Bamboo Charcoal to Remove Odors From the Refrigerator

Why is There an Odor in the Refrigerator?

Vegetables spoil in less than a day, and fruits have a meaty taste. Why?

Fruits & Vegetables

Fruits & Vegetables

Sealing leads to hypoxia, decay, and deterioration.



Pollution, mixing, and emitting unpleasant odors.

Seafood & Fishes

Seafood & Fishes

Seafood spoils and has a foul odor.

Pesticide Residue In Food

Pesticide Residue

Accumulation of harmful substance residues.

Bacteria That Cause Refrigerator Odor

The eggs, meat, vegetables, fruits, milk, and other items in the refrigerator contain parasitic bacteria. If left for a long time, the food is prone to spoilage, decay, and cross flavors, causing the refrigerator to produce unpleasant odors.

Schematic Diagram of the Distribution of Bacterias Inside the Refrigerator

Refrigerator Pollution Cannot Be Ignored

Bacteria infect through food, and family members are threatened by bacteria in the refrigerator every day!

According to research, more than 700 cold bacteria, including Listeria monocytogenes, exist in invisible dairy products, fresh and cooked foods, and are the main culprits that harm the health of family members.

Children Cry


Milk spoilage leads to fever and diarrhea

the Aged Headache

the Aged

Eating overnight food for a long time can lead to illness

Pregnant Woman Pain

Pregnant Woman

Excessive food bacteria can cause fetal malformation or miscarriage

Deodorizing and Disinfecting Device, Providing You With Real Protection

Ozone sterilization, odor removal, decomposition of formaldehyde and toluene.

Ozone 360° all-round deodorization and sterilization.

Safe, efficient, and easy to carry.

eBee Deodorizing and Disinfecting Device

Changes in Odor After Using eBee Deodorizer

Comparison of Odor Molecules Volume Before and After Using eBee Deodorizer

*The data comes from experimental results in the laboratory

Function List of eBee Deodorizing and Disinfecting Device

The Principle of Ozone Odor Removal

Ozone is a strong oxidant, the sterilization process belongs to a biochemical oxidation reaction.

The principle is as follows:

  1. Ozone can oxidize the enzymes required to break down glucose inside bacteria, causing them to inactivate and die.
  2. Directly interacting with bacteria and viruses, destroying their organelles, DNA, and RNA, disrupting their metabolism and leading to bacterial death.
  3. Through the cell membrane tissue, it invades the cell and acts on the lipoproteins on the outer membrane and lipopolysaccharides inside, causing bacterial permeability distortion dissolution and death.
The Principle of Ozone Odor Removal

O3 + Odor Molecules = CO2 + H2O + O2

The main components of odors are amines, hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide compounds, dimethyl disulfide, and other ozone with strong oxidizing ability. It can destroy and decompose the cell membrane of odorous molecules, quickly diffuse and penetrate into cells, oxidize and decompose glucose oxidase inside molecules, and oxidize various inorganic or organic substances with odors to eliminate odors.

Not Only Kills Bacteria And Eliminates Odors But Also Decomposes Various Harmful Substances

  • Formaldehyde removal principle: 1HCHO + 2O3 = 1CO2 + 1H2O + 2O2
  • Benzene removal principle: C6H6 + 5O3 = 6CO2 + 3H2O
  • Carbon monoxide removal principle: CO + O3 = CO2 + O2
  • Ammonia removal principle: 3O3 + 2NH3 = N2 + 3H2O + 3O2

Ozone can oxidize chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene, and through chemical reactions, it oxidizes formaldehyde or benzene to carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water.

Not Only Kills Bacteria And Eliminates Odors But Also Decomposes Various Harmful Substances

Comparison of Common Deodorization Measures

Items eBee Deodorizing Sterilizer Activated Carbon Similar Deodorizers
Product Comparison Deodorizing Sterilizer Activated Carbon Similar Deodorizers
Usage Environment Refrigerator, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, car interior, etc. Refrigerator Refrigerator
Usage Effect Remove odors, remove formaldehyde, and preserve food freshness. Remove odors Remove odors
Service Life Repeated use for more than 2 years. Use once for 7-30 days. Single/Multiple Use about 1 year.
Consumables No consumables are required. Replacement is required after one-time use. Need to replace battery.

Removing Harmful Bacteria, Makes Life Healthier

Ozone provides comprehensive sterilization and deodorization, keeping the refrigerator fresh and effectively removing ripening agents, extending the shelf life.

99%: Sterilization & Disinfection

After 20 minutes, the sterilization rate is 99%.

20 Min: Clear Odor

The deodorization time is only 20 minutes.

7 Days: Keep Fruits & Vegetables Fresh

The average preservation time can be extended by 7 days.

Removing Harmful Bacteria from Refrigerator

Eliminate Bacteria, Reject Odors

Convenient design, one-click activation of ozone cycle sterilization, rapid diffusion and penetration into cells, utilizing strong oxidizing properties to destroy bacterial cell walls and eliminate bacteria.

Eliminate Bacteria and Reject Odors By eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer

Long Term Storage, Fresh Every Day

Ozone can inhibit ripening agents, extend the freshness of food.

Ozone Inhibit Ripening Agents and Extend the Freshness of Food

Accelerate the Degradation of Residual Pesticides

30-50 Times Faster Than Natural Degradation

Ozone is a strong oxidant, while pesticides are organic compounds. Ozone disinfection destroys the molecules of organic pesticides through strong oxidation, causing them to lose their medicinal properties.

Accelerate the Degradation of Residual Pesticides By eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer

Enjoy the Fragrance Anytime & Anywhere

Intimate protection, not Just the refrigerator but also comprehensive protection.

Wardrobe Usage Scenario


Eliminating odors from seasonal clothing.

Kitchen Usage Scenario


Easy to breed bacteria and mold odor.

Car Usage Scenario


Eliminate harmful substances in enclosed spaces.

*During ozone disinfection on this machine, and within 30 minutes after turning off ozone disinfection, people or animals should not stay in the room or space where the machine is located! Otherwise, it may cause physical harm!

Product Display

eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer Display 01
eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer Display 02
eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer Display 03

Product Component Diagram

Component Diagram of eBee Portable Mini Ozone Deodorizing Sterilizer

Frequently Aked Questions

  • Q: Is ozone harmful to human health?
  • A: The human body only has an impact when exposed to high concentrations of ozone. Usually, ozone decomposes automatically at room temperature and is not harmful when used regularly.
  • Q: Does ozone have an impact on furniture and household appliances?
  • A: Just don’t keep blowing air towards the object for a long time, and maintain a certain distance when using it. Normal use will not be affected.
  • Q: Does it have to wait for disinfection for 30 minutes before approaching?
  • A: It is recommended to wait for 30 minutes before approaching. If you still feel a smell, you can open the doors or windows for ventilation. After using this product for ozone disinfection or formaldehyde removal, ozone will decompose into oxygen on its own and will not produce harmful residues.

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