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Smart Home During Corona Virus

What Services Can Smart Home Devices Provide During the Spread of Coronavirus COVID-19

Since the first 2019-nCoV/COVID-19 patient appeared in Wuhan, China on December 1, 2019, Coronavirus has spread in many countries and regions. Home isolation has become an important epidemic prevention measure, and experts recommend washing hands frequently, ventilating the home, and strengthening immunity. Home becomes everyone’s last safe haven. So what advantages can smart home devices show in this epidemic?

More Convenient and Safe Disinfection Equipment

There is growing concern about disinfection and personal hygiene. Food disinfection, tableware disinfection, clothing disinfection and other scenes are constantly emerging, which makes smart refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, floor sweepers, disinfection cabinets, etc. important. Many manufacturers have developed sterilization modules. The principle is to use high-temperature effects in combination with ultraviolet rays to kill bacteria at specific temperatures. The intelligent program is used to control the temperature range, sterilization time, and the scene of ultraviolet radiation. Such an intelligent program combined with the professional advice of a doctor can play a good role in sterilization. It should be noted that when selecting such equipment, it is best to have authoritative testing or verification reliable.

Intelligent disinfection equipment can effectively remove harmful virus factors in the home and protect the family from Coronavirus.

Smart Fresh Air System & Purifier

The fresh air system with a filter system can meet the needs of outdoor pollution and indoor ventilation, circulate indoor air, and prevent outdoor polluted air from entering the room at the same time. This is obvious for users with rhinitis or dyspnea after using the fresh air system. This also shows the importance of filtering. The intelligent module that can automatically detect the service life of the filter screen, automatically disinfect and prompt for replacement will make the fresh air system more popular, and it is also a good way to provide a comfortable environment and resist the coronavirus.

In terms of purifiers, the effectiveness of purifiers between different manufacturers is very different. Medical purifiers cost thousands of dollars, ordinary purifiers cost tens of dollars. Except for activated carbon purification, the main difference is in the filter element. If possible, it is best to buy from a professional purifier manufacturer. As for the smart purifier, it has a variety of sensors that can detect indoor air quality, even the content of bacteria and viruses in real-time through a mobile phone, and then feedback to the user to improve the purification effect.

Smart Entertainment and Fitness Equipment That Can Pass the Time

Home fitness is already a trend. During the spread of the virus, interactive facilities can help people pass the time and help maintain the relationship between family survival. The fitness scene created by smart home can let you integrate into the fitness atmosphere. Although there is a gap with the gym, it is not boring while being able to isolate the virus.

With the advent of the intelligent era, Kinect’s somatosensory interaction and VR games continue to enter the user’s home, allowing users to use the large TV screen to constantly make interesting scenes. Of course, Bluetooth handles and somatosensory remote controllers on the market can be used as long as they are connected. Simple and convenient. Home fitness and entertainment are constantly becoming the trend.

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