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Smart Home

What is Smart Home

At present, smart home has penetrated into all areas of home life, clothing, food, shelter, and new intelligent models are constantly emerging. With the rapid development of the industry, high-end products are constantly emerging. Do you have any ideas on smart homes?

eBee Technology shares some viewpoints here.

About Smart Home

In recent years, in the building materials home market, the size of the smart home industry has grown significantly. With the gradual improvement of the smart home system platform, more and more industries have joined the smart home stage. However, under the influence of various factors, the popularization of smart home products is not smooth. Many people are still confused with smart home and smart home appliances. They think that when they buy a variety of smart home appliances that lead the fashion trend, they are enjoying the smart home life, but they are not!

A real smart home should be exactly called a smart housekeeper. Like Iron Man Jarvis, it can learn the owner’s living habits and can talk with the master, master the master’s life rules, and automatically open according to the master’s rest time. And turning off the appliances at home does not require people to come to remote or fixed control switches and buttons, and is completely intelligent. Like the interstellar tas, the situation in the house can remind the owner the first time, automatically identify the intrusion of the bad guys, ring the alarm, lock the door and turn off the lights, call the alarm phone and so on.

There is also a misunderstanding of consumption. Smart homes have become a stereotype of high-consumption “luxury goods” in people’s hearts. Some manufacturers “rip ripe” products, grab a morning market with high prices, but make consumers have more misunderstandings about smart home, always feel that this is only rich families can have. As a matter of fact, according to the common two-bedroom and one-living unit, installing a basic smart house smart home system, including home appliance control, smart lighting, smart security, and electric curtains, usually costs less than $5,000.

So, What Exactly is Smart Home

Simply put, it is a product of the Internet of Things that appears under the influence of the internet. Various household devices in the home are connected together through the Internet of Things technology. In the home physical scene and the humanistic environment of the home, the things are connected and unified controlled by a terminal or induction system. By constructing a system solution for intelligent services and integrating high-tech technologies such as automation systems, computer networks, and network communications, the home will eventually make family life healthier, low-carbon, intelligent, comfortable, safe, and convenient.

Features of Smart Home

In the tide of smart home, innovation and technology will become the key for home enterprises to win the market, and personalized custom home products will be more and more favored by people who pursue quality life. In the context of the Internet and the Internet of Things, these characteristic intelligent terminals have realized system interconnection, interoperability and mutual control through system integration. The powerful functions of home products can only make you think of them without them. In addition to sweeping robots, smart toilet covers and other products that have already entered millions of households, fingerprint locks and smart wardrobes are the most popular at the moment. A major feature of smart home products is that they are rich in categories. We have summarized some of the most popular smart home features for consumers.

Smart Home Security System

The home all-round security guard, equipped with a high-definition camera, human infrared sensor, door magnetic alarm, smoke sensor, gas sensor, complete functions to protect your home 24/7. When there is a fire or gas leak, the mobile phone will automatically pop the screen and receive text messages, receive a phone alarm, and start the safe mode to cut off the danger. The mobile phone is connected to the HD camera at home in real-time, you can see your home anytime, anywhere, and you can talk to your parents and children in real-time by a one-click call. Although thousands of miles far away, but love is always around!

Smart Lighting Control System

By connecting the smart home switch with the smart controller, you can control all the light switches in any room in the living room, eliminating the need to walk around. You can also set the scene memory mode to control the light switch, brightness, etc., and freely control the light illumination mode of the living room, dining room, study, aisle. With the advantages of the dimming function, timing function, and scene function of the intelligent lighting system, the lights in the room will be colorful and exciting. When you turn on the light, you have more than one option: automatic induction, timing, sound control, convenient triggering and more energy-saving. Use the light to light up your colorful quality life.

Central Control Management System

Centrally manage all the equipment in the home, home appliances lighting, multimedia, mobile communication no longer work independently, a little smarter, more convenient management; mobile phone remote control, you can see, hear, touch everything at home, no matter where you go, the home In your palm! Accurate diagnosis of household appliances and real-time understanding of faults; intelligent detection of the environment in the home, safety is under control.

Smart Appliances

Obviously, the most important thing for this category of smart products is to make a differentiated experience. After all, the existence of traditional home appliances makes consumers more choices. Products in this category include smart toothbrushes, smart kettles, smart coffee machines, smart air conditioners, smart refrigerators, smart dishwashers, robotic vacuum cleaners, and more.

Home Access Control System

The smart door lock automatically recognizes your door opening action, opens the door, lights up, and heats up the hot water for you. It is so warm to go home! When a friend comes, you can also open the door remotely and let him enter the house and wait, even When you are not at home, you can also meet with him in the video. The way to treat guests is to keep every visitor alive.

Home Appliance Control System

Personalization: Control all household appliances through your mobile phone, and switch between various scenarios at will.

Timing preset: Preset the on and off time of the appliance to enjoy the personalized life quality.

Linkage control: Integrate lighting, music and other systems to make your life more tasteful.

Remote control: On the way home, remotely activate the home air-conditioning equipment to enjoy the privilege of “warm winter and cool summer” in advance.

Network Communication System

Enterprise-grade wifi coverage technology is adopted, and the whole house has 360-degree network coverage, so that your home is immersed in the network ocean, surfing the Internet anytime, anywhere, and wifi seamlessly roams. No matter where you go, it automatically connects without frequent switching.

Home Video System

Home can also become an entertainment center, using multimedia entertainment platforms, using advanced microcomputer technology, wireless remote control technology and infrared remote control technology, under the precise control of program instructions, set-top boxes, satellite receivers, DVDs, computers and other multi-signal sources, According to the needs of users, it can be sent to terminal equipment such as televisions and stereos in each room to realize a variety of audio-visual equipment in the living room. The projection screen, electric hanger, audio and video function, HD player, and background music are all automatically controlled. Through the scene, you can reach the mode with just one button.

Smart Perception System

Temperature, humidity, light, voice recognition, human body infrared sensors all over the house, automatically sense the environmental status of the home, and automatically run air-conditioning, curtains, fresh air and other systems, comfort and resonance with your body; wear smartwatches or bracelet, You can not only control your home devices, but also always see your physical condition.

Energy Management System

Through the big data analysis of the cloud server, you can see the power consumption of home appliances, and issue home appliance monitoring and diagnosis sheets for various types of appliances “physical examination” at any time, and the operation status is clear at a glance. Unified management of daily power consumption, and customized high-efficiency power plans based on weather conditions and your behavior habits, making energy saving easier.

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