Terms and Conditions

Last Updated at 29th, May, 2020

Terms and conditions statement

“China thermostats and smart home devices – ebee” (https://www.ebee.com) belongs to Ebee (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ebee Tech” or “EbeeTech”), according to the relevant laws and regulations, provide thermostats and smart home product information and purchase services. In accordance with this agreement, the user(or “users”) who obtains the corresponding service from Ebee Tech represents that the user agrees to all terms herein and is bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Content ownership

  • The Internet services provided by Ebee Tech include text, software, voice, picture, video, chart, etc., all of which are protected by copyright, trademark and other property laws.
  • Users can only use the content after obtaining the authorization of Ebee Tech or other relevant authorized personnel, and can not copy, reproduce or create derivative products related to the content without authorization.

Access to user information

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, Ebee Tech and users abide by the Privacy Policy at the same time. In order to avoid disputes due to the discrepancy between the information submitted by users and the real situation during the service, users are required to fill in the information according to the principle of truthfulness, comprehensiveness and accuracy when receiving the service. Ebee Tech is not responsible for service problems caused by users’ own reasons. If the information provided by the user contains incorrect information, Ebee Tech reserves the right to terminate the user’s qualification to use the service.

User data privacy protection

It is Ebee Tech’s obligation to protect the privacy of users. Ebee Tech guarantees to abide by the privacy Policy, not to disclose or provide the user’s information and the non-public content stored by users when using the network service to a third party, except for the following situations.

  • Obtain clear authorization from users in advance
  • According to relevant laws and regulations
  • According to the requirements of relevant government authorities
  • To safeguard the interests of the public
  • To protect the legitimate rights and interests of Ebee Tech

On the premise of not disclosing the privacy information of a single user, Ebee Tech has the right to analyze the entire user database and make commercial use of the user data.

User data security

Ebee Tech provides maximum security for user registration information. At the same time, users must keep their passwords, personal accounts and other information confidential to avoid being stolen or tampered with. If the user finds the above situation, please contact Ebee Tech immediately.

User owned rights and services

  • Users have the right to query, modify and delete their personal data at any time. For user service security, the account cannot be changed at will.
  • Users have the right to purchase thermostats and smart home devices through Ebee Tech on the premise of ensuring the supply capacity of Ebee Tech.
  • After purchasing Ebee Tech products, users have the right to obtain tracking numbers and after-sales services(including installation and use consultation, return and exchange processing, and obtaining parts Service).

Users management

Do not invade and use this website to make, copy and disseminate the following information.

  • Break the law
  • Fabricating or distorting facts, spreading rumors and disturbing social order
  • Promote superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence and other improper information
  • Insulting others or fabricating facts to slander others, or carrying out other malicious attacks
  • Damage to the reputation of other institutions
  • Conduct commercial advertising

Ebee Tech has the right to use the user’s information record as evidence of the user’s illegal crime.


  • The user expressly agrees that when using the Ebee Tech service, the risk will be completely borne by the user, and Ebee Tech will not bear any responsibility to the user.
  • Ebee Tech does not guarantee that all services can meet the requirements of users, nor does it guarantee that services will not be interrupted, nor does it guarantee the timeliness, safety, and accuracy of services.

Change, interruption or termination of services

If the service needs to be suspended or terminated due to internal reasons of Ebee Tech, Ebee Tech will notify in advance.
In the event of any of the following events, Ebee Tech shall have the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services under this agreement to the user at any time without notice to the user.

  • The information provided by users is incomplete or untrue, which affects the normal service.
  • The user violates the use principle stipulated in this agreement.

In addition to the situations mentioned above, Ebee Tech reserves the right to interrupt or terminate part or all of the services at any time without prior notice to the user. For any loss caused by the interruption or termination of all services, Ebee Tech shall not be liable to the user or any third party.

Liquidated damages

The user agrees to protect and safeguard the interests of Ebee Tech and other users. If any loss is caused to Ebee Tech or any other third party due to violation of relevant laws, regulations or any terms under this agreement, the user agrees to bear the liability for damages caused thereby.

Amendment terms and conditions

  • Ebee Tech may modify the relevant terms of this agreement from time to time. In case of any change in terms, Ebee Tech will prompt for the modification on the relevant page.
  • If users do not agree with Ebee Tech’s modification of the terms of service, users have the right to stop the service. If users continue to use the relevant service, users will be deemed to accept the change of the terms of service.

Legal jurisdiction

  • The formation, execution and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes shall be governed by Chinese law.
  • In the event of any dispute between the parties over the content of this agreement or its implementation, the parties shall try their best to settle it through friendly negotiation.

Notice and delivery

All notices under this agreement can be made by means of important page announcement, email or regular mail transmission. When the relevant information is updated, it is equivalent to that it has been delivered to the recipient.

Other terms

  • This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement on the agreed matters and other related matters of the two parties. Except for the provisions of this agreement, it does not give the parties other rights.
  • If any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part for any reason, the provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.
  • Headings in this agreement are for convenience only and shall be ignored in the interpretation of this agreement.

This agreement is applicable to the laws of the people’s Republic of China. The party responsible shall be responsible for and compensate for the losses caused to the other party if any party fails to implement the terms of this agreement due to any violation of laws.

The final interpretation right of this agreement belongs to Ebee (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd.