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There are already some smart home devices on the market, but these devices often operate independently. What is really attractive is the smart home devices that can collaborate and form a systematic product.

After market demand survey and technological exploration, we summarized the areas of smart home equipment that users really need, and launched smart home solutions accordingly. Users can easily adjust the temperature and humidity in the home, control various switches, improve home security measures, and enjoy home entertainment activities. Through the cloud platform, APP, and smart speaker and systemic product linkage, no matter where you are, you can always experience an unprecedented smart home service.

Smart home solutions

Smart Speakers

As the entrance of smart home, smart speaker can realize the automation of home through voice command. Currently supported include Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home Pod, TmallGenie, etc.

Mobile APP

Mobile APP supports Android, IOS and tablet devices. With friendly operation interface, you can control smart home devices in almost any corner of the world.

Cloud Platform

Globally deployed data service centers give smart home devices response capabilities within milliseconds and build a secure and stable IoT network.

Embedded Modules

The modules support mainstream communication protocols such as WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee, NB-IoT, GPRS, etc., with high efficiency and low power consumption.


Our professional technical and service team can understand the real needs of customers and provide effective solutions.


The most professional installation guidance service can be provided online or offline.


Our professional technicians can assist you to complete the configuration of smart home devices and provide reasonable suggestions.

Product Testing

Strict product testing ensures the smooth operation of the product, even in a systematic environment, it can be perfectly linked.


We provide customers with lifetime services, including online and offline services, APP upgrades, firmware upgrades, etc.

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