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The Mission Of Ebee Tech

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We are a young team that is good at exploration and learning. Teamwork, deligence, dedication, pragmatism and innovation are our working principles. We advocate employees to improve themselves, have fun, do well and live a healthy life.
At Ebee Tech, we have excellent team members, a flexible and dynamic working atmosphere, and emphasis on the cooperative relationship among departments. Therefore, our work efficiency is particularly high and it is also highly praised by cooperative companies.

Our Vision

Focus on technology, understand customer needs, create value for customers, continue to grow and progress, and lead the company to become a first-class smart home devices supplier and brand with high-quality products and services.

Focus on technology

Core Hiring Principles

We hire employees according to certain principles, and hope that on these principles, employees can integrate into the corporate culture and realize their value pursuit.


We firmly believe that professional knowledge and skills are the basic requirements for competent work and the core competitiveness of employees.

We hope that the employees are professional, have the knowledge and skills supporting the job, and have a stable mindset to specialize in this field.


Owning a spirit of work and projects will make people more creative and positive, work efficiency will be higher, and project completion will be better.

We are happy to work with people who have the spirit of ownership, and we provide the conditions for them to be leaders, to listen to their suggestions and opinions.

Keep Learning

Times and technologies are constantly developing, and the human knowledge framework will age. Only through continuous learning can we keep up with the times.

We emphasize employees’ exploration and learning of new things, constantly improve themselves, and are willing to share. We will provide sufficient support for this.

Our Core Values

In the business process, all our employees believe in the company’s core values, which represents our attitude towards customers, markets, products, and employees, and guides us on the way forward.

  • Customers First
  • Technology-enabled
  • Awe The Market
  • Keep Learning
  • Keep Innovating
  • Be Honest
  • Be Dedicated
  • Good Mentality

  • Equal & Respect
  • Teamwork
Core Values


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