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  • EB-001AC -Thermostat Silver Color(Front)
  • EB-001WAC - Thermostat White Color(Front)
  • EB-001WAC - Thermostat Silver Color(Side)
  • EB-001WAC - Air Conditioning Thermostat Back
  • EB-001WAC - Air Conditioning Thermostat Wiring

Smart Thermostat for Air Conditioning System

EB-001WAC is a thermostat specially designed for air conditioning system, stylish piano key shape and simple installation design, it not only meets the temperature control of central air-conditioning, but also provides smart phone remote control, voice control and other functions in smart home.

  • Application: air conditioning system

  • Reddot design adward 2018 winner

  • Smart phone control: Android / iOS

  • Third party platform: Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, Tuya

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Main Features

reddot design award
EB-001WAC thermostat is designed for smart commercial, industrial and home use and is the Reddot design adward 2018 winner.

On the display screen, a highly recognizable icon is designed according to the corresponding functions. The negative display screen plus acrylic panel can provide a good display effect in any use scenario. Users can enjoy a good interactive interface during operation.

The stylish piano key design, advanced pigment coating technology and stable mechanical structure are not only suitable for modern decoration style, but also provide convenient and efficient operation solution.

It adopts the widely used 86 * 86 and European 60mm combination, which is suitable for most users in the world. In addition, the hook type installation is very convenient.

Excellent Screen Design

Excellent Screen Design

  • We have designed high identification icons for heating function, lock screen function, cloud connection, WiFi connection, home mode, digital display and other functions
  • LCD negative display screen has the characteristics of good visual impact, not easy to reflect light, good concealment and low energy consumption

Piano Button Design

  • Advanced surface coating
  • Stable mechanical structure, long service life
  • Large key, easy to operate
  • Professional aesthetic design
Piano Button Design


Model EB-001WAC
Color White/Silver
Screen LCD
Input 220 VAC ± 10%50/60 HZ
Sensor NTC 10K B:3950
Temp Range 5~35℃
Accuracy ±1℃
Size 86*86*13 mm
Output 5A/220VAC
Power Consumption ≤1.7 KWh/month
APP Android / iOS


EB-001WAC Smart WiFi Thermostat Dimension Diagram

Screen & Button Reference

EB-001WAC - Smart WiFi Air Conditioning Thermostat Screen & Button Reference

a: Current Temperature
b: Target Temperature
c: Loading, Lock, Cloud Connection, WiFi Connection (from left to right)
EB-001WAC - Smart WiFi Air Conditioning Thermostat Icon Diagram

Press ” M “: Switch heating or cooling
Press ” M ” 3 seconds: Power on or off
Press ” fan “: Switch the fan speed
Press ” + “: Increase the temperature
Press ” – “: Decrease the temperature
Press ” – ” 3 seconds: Enter the WiFi pairing mode
Long press the ” M ” and ” – ” to lock or unlock

Wiring Diagram

EB-001WAC - Air Conditioning Thermostat Wiring

  • Pin 1: High Speed
  • Pin 2: Medium Speed
  • Pin 3: Low Speed
  • Pin 4: Fan
  • Pin 5: Cooling Valve
  • Pin 6: Heating Valve
  • Pin 7: Connect to Live Wire(L)
  • Pin 8: Connect to Negative Wire(N)

Installation Instruction

  • Environment: Install to a 86*86mm box which is installed in the wall, power by 220V AC
  • Power off: Before you install, must cut off the power

86x86mm box for thermostat

Install Steps

Thermostat Installation Steps

  • I: Connect each wiring
  • II: Connect the steel to the 86 box
  • III: Buckle up the power box and panel

Connect To the WiFi Internet

Connect to the WiFi internet

  • Step #1: search “Smart Life” in Google Play or Apple Store and install the APP
  • Step #2: press ” – ” button for 3 seconds, WiFi signal/icon will flash quickly in the screen
  • Step #3: open the APP, and enter the “add device” page, select the type of product
  • Step #4: input the SSID and password, then pairing
  • Step #5: APP will automatically complete the connection, turn to the APP home page and start to use the APP for thermostat control

Smart Life APP for Thermostat Control

Advanced Settings

Turn on the thermostat, keep pressing the ” + ” and ” – ” buttons for about 3 seconds, enter the advanced setting mode, press ” fan ” to switch the setting function, and press ” + ” and ” – ” to configure the below configuration options. Press ” M ” or without any operation in 10 seconds, will confirm the current setting and return to main menu.

  • Code #1: Return difference value: Default 3℃ (only for thermostat heat pump air condition + underfloor heating)
  • Code #2: Sensor type (00: Internal Sensor 01: External Sensor 02: Internal & External Sensor Default: 00)
  • Code #3: The fan switch: Wether close the fan while the room temp is reach to set temperature (0:No 1:Yes Default:1 Only use in Cooling mode)
  • Code #4: Swing: 1-9℃, Default: 2℃
  • Code #5: Temperature calibration: -9℃~+9℃, default is 0℃
  • Code #6: Highest target temperature: 35~90℃, default is 35℃
  • Code #7: Lowest target temperature: 0~30℃, default is 5℃
  • Code #8: System restart: When the screen shows ” RE “, press ” M ” to confirm
  • Code #9: Factory setting: When the screen showed ” DF “, press ” M ” to confirm

Other Operation

  • a. The Valve Anti-lock Function: When the thermostat is at ” Inner Sensor ” mode and the valve without any operation keep in 120 hours, auto-open the valve, then close after 3 minutes
  • b. ERR Exception: when the ” err ” icon light up, it means the sensor mode was wrong or the sensor was broken, then the temperature value in the screen will show ” — “


In order to improve product quality and experience, the product may be upgraded many times.

System Diagram

Heat Pump and Air Conditioning FCU Fan Coil Unit System


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